We provide authentic gifts for any occasion or event. Music is a gift that people cherish because it lasts forever.

The Drum Cafe offers a large selection of Djembe drums, percussion instruments and traditional instruments, ideal as corporate gifts, incentives and souvenirs. Our gifts will leave a lasting impression of the interactive drumming experience, and we can even silkscreen your company logo onto the gift for a personal touch.

We also offer the Drum Cafe CD, 'Mama'– a wonderful mix of drumming facilitation, sound journey, poetry and traditional African music, as well as the Drum Cafe Book, 'Traditional Music of South Africa'. The Book is the first comprehensive overview of South African traditional music, and is available through the Drum Cafe (discounts on bulk orders) as well as through amazon.com.

Please contact us to find out your various options.
Large and small Djembe drums
Mama CD
Drum Cafe Book, 'Traditional Music of South Africa'
Brown and green frogs
Spirit drum
DC djembe shakers
Egg shakers
Rain sticks