Teambuilding Namibia

Teambuilding Namibia

Ongoma was founded in 2002 by Namibian tour guide Volker Röder and fellow Namibian drummers. What started off with occasional informal drumming circles or performances in beach bars in the coastal town of Swakopmund quickly developed into a sought-after entertainment product for the corporate market.

When Volker tragically lost his fight against cancer in 2012, Ongoma had long relocated to the Namibian capital Windhoek as a fully-fledged entertainment company, offering interactive drumming for teambuilding and traditional African music performances as well as facilitating big scale live music events. Ongoma had also published its debut music album, The Natives are Restless.

Since Volker’s passing, the company was registered as The Ongoma Trust and is administered by his wife, Irmi Röder, and one of the founding members of Ongoma, Desmond Nasima. In December 2015, Ongoma joined the international Drum Café family and is now trading as Drum Café Namibia.


Drum Cafe Namibia, Windhoek


  • Team Building in Namibia:
    Unite your company and motivate staff with our world-class team building program, emphasizing team work: connecting, communicating & listening via interactive drumming.
  • Conferences:
    Open or close your conference or revitalize delegates between presentations with interactive drumming or a boom whacker session. A great alternative to a keynote address.
  • Performances:
    Powerful drumming and marimba performances by our African music group Ongoma. Ideal as a feature show or as atmospheric background entertainment. The perfect soundtrack for corporate functions, diplomatic parties or private events. We also offer poi and fire spinning performances with live drumming.

Product Launches powered by Drum Cafe

Every product Launch needs noise. Excite journalists, customers, or sales teams with Drum Cafe’s Launch Event programs: Interactive or Pure performance. We can help dramatize your product’s advantages and create a breakthrough launch that will be the talk of the town


  • Drum Cafe launches cars for Chrysler at the 2007 Detroit auto show
  • Wella Hair product launch throughout Australia: 2005
  • Louis Vuitton’s Luxury hand luggage range
A powerful way to excite sales forces, vendors, retailers or distributors. Drum Cafe’s unique programs are designed to motivate and energize groups to increase their output without increasing resources.
Corporate Values or goals are the lifeblood of an organization. Drum Cafe will help make sure your every member shares in your company vision, goals or values.

Group drumming and making music together is an original way to reward participants and celebrate achievements.


  • “Thank you” session for BMW staff, 120 people, January 2004
  • Drumming for overseas sales staff from Dimension Data – 70 people etc…

Drumming includes and acknowledges everyone, and is a constructive way to celebrate. It’s a great ice-breaker and gets people to de-stress and simply enjoy! The Drum Cafe remains a favourite for year-end functions.


  • Performed for Nelson Mandela’s birthday at South African embassy in London
  • Performed at Investec year-end function, 200 people, Kilimanjaro, 2005 etc…

The assurance of a sound foundation within an organisation can assist both groups and individuals to better cope with change. Interactive drumming provides insightful analogies and through being a part of the experience, delegates are able to accept change as a necessary component of evolution and growth within their working environment.


  • Interactive drumming for BP’s change management program, November 2004
  • Drumming for Deloitte & Touche at a management strategy session focusing on transformation, 70 people, May 2005

Interactive drumming consolidates a long-term relationship between the company and clients by giving back to clients in a unique and positive manner. A shared drumming experience facilitates the development of loyalty and trust.

Examples of Client Functions:

  • Interactive drumming for 6 000 Vodacom Telcom clients over 3 days, 2005
  • Interactive drumming for Hewlett Packard’s top clients and customers, 140 people, October 2004 etc…
With the proliferation of negative interaction between individuals and teams, the handling of conflict is often very difficult. Drumming together helps break down barriers to create a more effective and harmonious environment. Workshops are run to showcase the strength of working together.

The energy that the Drum Cafe generates is guaranteed to build a community and liven up any event. Give each person a drum and let them beat along at gala events and fundraisers, and rumble with applause at award ceremonies.

Examples of Gala Events and Fundraisers:

  • Perform at FNB Million Rand Awards, 300 people, Theatre on the Track
  • CNN at Sandton Convention Centre and Journalist of Year Awards etc…
  • Hope International: “The evening was a great success. We raised more funds than we aimed to.”

Interactive drumming gets people working together to make music as one and provides great insight into the synergy between individual and team. It follows that drumming is an ideal activity for the fusion of groups and/ or the merger of companies. The Drum Cafe experience shows the group that if they can play to the same beat and listen to each other, then they have the potential to make music as a united company!

Examples of Interactive Drumming for Groups:

  • The Sanofi-Aventis merger on 3 continents, the Sprint/Nextel merger in New York, the JP Morgan/Chase/Bank One merger etc

Extend your company spirit and share group drumming with employees nationwide or internationally.

Examples of Roadshows:

  • Standard Bank Roadshow, 30 000 Standard Bank staff around the world, January-March 2005
  • Old Mutual Road Show, 2020 people, September 2001 etc…

Contact Drum Cafe Namibia

Irmi Röder
Ongoma trading as Drum Café Namibia
PO Box 50755, Windhoek
Email: or
Cell: +264 81 2580141

Our Clients

  • Debmarine
  • Multichoice
  • B2 Gold
  • SAB Miller
  • Nedbank
  • Old Mutual
  • Conference Link
  • Synergy Seminars
  • Abenteuer Afrika
  • Matiti Safaris
  • Trustco Group Holdings
  • Trade Ocean
  • Tamonika Events
  • Urban Striker
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“The executives were amazed at how well you incorporated our mission and objectives. Drum Cafe was THE highlight of our conference. …Blown away!”

“Awesome experience – tying in our goals and Company expectations – it really was incredible. It’s not often you hear people talking about Sales seminars for days after the event!”