Cancer Awareness with Revlon

Cancer Awareness with Revlon on the Cancervive Tour

REVLON has for a number of years supported the initiative of a group of passionate breast cancer survivors who embraced other “shy” Cancers and whose main aim it is to educate, create awareness that early detection can save lives and spread the message of hope.

Fundraisers and educational programs are hosted during the year and the campaign culminates in a motorcycle journey across the country over a 9 day period, covering more than 2000 km.

Over the years tens of thousands of people have been reached face-to-face in the remotest of areas and the innovative and effective way of spreading the message, has grabbed the imagination of the media.

They have contributed millions of Rand of publicity to help REVLON Cancer.vive with this all important educational drive. More people die from Cancer than from HIV, Malaria and TB combined and the disease has reached epidemic proportions in our country – REVLON is committed to being part of the efforts to turn these statistics around.

Drum Cafe felt a great sense of pride and privilege to be part of this great undertaking, Drumming creates a sense of unity and community that is tangible through the power of rhythm, melody and communal music creation. It’s a perfect educational tool that brings people together and has a great uplifting force.

Thanks Revlon and South Africa for entrusting us to help educate people, through music, about cancer!