Conference Drumming

Drum Cafe is a great option…

As a keynote address for your conference.

Every delegate gets a drum.
Every delegate is involved.
Every delegate leaves motivated.
Every delegate leaves energised.
Every delegate will be focused.
Delegates cannot use their phone & drum at the same time. 

“Drumming was unanimously voted the highlight of the conference.”


The most important aspect of the Drum Cafe is that it is FUN. SUPER FUN.
The Drum Cafe will lift the energy of every delegate in the room.
You will feel the energizing effects of the Drum Cafe throughout the day.
All the delegates will feel more connected to each other and the company.
Create the ideal start and/or ending to your team building conference.
After the Drum Cafe session delegates will leave feeling relaxed, focused and connected.

Adding an interactive drumming element to your conference will make it exciting, energising and unforgettable.
If you start the conference with the Drum Cafe everyone will feel the positive effects the whole day.
If you end the conference with the Drum Cafe everyone will remember the conference as being fun, power and constructive.
If you use the Drum Cafe after lunch you will not experience that afternoon lethargy.

Drum Cafe are specialists at entertaining and team building on large scales. We have thousands of drums and can cater for up to 5000 people at an event. Each person playing theirs own drum. Imagine how awesome it feels to have thousands of people playing the same rhythm and beating to the same beat.

Traditionally drumming has been used as a prelude to community functions. Drumming can be used to great effect to both open and close conferences – drawing people together, celebrating success and ensuring that the delegates leave the interactive conference feeling invigorated and motivated.

At the beginning of a conference, people are coming from different areas within an organization and some times from different parts of the world. The Drum Café team building and entertainment facilitators get these gatherings off to a great start, by creating an energy which in turn creates a bonding and a breaking down of barriers both vertically and laterally.

At the end of a conference, it is important for the attendees to leave with memorable impressions, a sense of accomplishment and a sense of having had a good time. Having the Drum Cafe close your conference, allows people to leave with memorable impressions of a sense of bonding and a great time.

“Awesome experience – tying in our goals and Company expectations – it really was incredible. It’s not often you hear people talking about Sales seminars for days after the event!”

“The executives were amazed at how well you incorporated our mission and objectives. Drum Cafe was THE highlight of our conference. …Blown away!”.