Why drumming? And why Drum Cafe?

“Thank You, thank you. Your team was inspirational.” Al Gore




The world’s leaders trust Drum Cafe to influence change and motivate:

The Drum Cafe has worked with Bill Clinton, Richard Branson, Nelson Mandela, Nicole Kidman, Will Smith, Steve Balmer, Michael Dell, George Bush, Linkin Park and many more…


Drumming has been used for centuries to unite tribes. Now its time to unite your organization through the universal language everyone that everyone can relate to. Through music. Drumming is something every culture can relate to. The first thing you hear when you come into this world is the beat of your mother’s heartbeat. We help your company rediscover their heartbeat. And get the whole organization beating as one. Drumming relaxes, energizes and motivates in a way most team building companies cannot explain.



Drum Cafe has been proven for over 22 years in 80 counties. We have worked with 80% of the Fortune 500. And the world’s leaders trust us. Drum Cafe has worked with: Bill Clinton, George Bush, Prince Charles, Nelson Mandela. Global influencers understand the power of Drum Cafe to influence change. Richard Branson of Virgin to Michael Bloomberg the Mayor of New York City, Drum Cafe is the ideal substitute for a keynote speaker. If you are looking for the best, then consider the stars we work with: Annie Lennox, Peter Gabriel, Dolly Parton and more.

Some Highlights

  • Beijing Olympics, China – Drum Cafe opened the Olympics.
  • Microsoft – Teambuilding roadshow uniting thousands of employees
  • Miss World – Drum Cafe performed at the Miss World finals as she was crowned.
  • Bayern Munich – Drum Cafe works and motivates Europe’s elite sportsman who represent the ultimate in teamwork.
  • World Cup – Drum Cafe has performed at the FIFA World Cup
  • President of Taiwan – at the opening of the travel expo, Drum Cafe played as the president arrived

The Drum Cafe was founded in 1996 in Johannesburg, South Africa, as a tool for bringing together the country’s diverse and divided post-Apartheid peoples. It started when Warren Lieberman opened an actual cafe where drumming was used in a relaxed environment to break down barriers and inspire patrons. But the interactive drumming activities grew into something bigger — something global. Music is a universal language — there’s rhythm in all of us ­— that allows us to communicate, work together and experience a common sense of belonging. Through music, we learn to be receptive and creative at the same time.

The methods of Drum Cafe are effective because, like a business, music requires communication and teamwork to reach its potential. As we all drum together, every member of our audience feels like a part of something bigger — while simultaneously gaining a better understanding of his or her individual role. The most significant lesson Drum Cafe teaches audiences is that we all succeed — or fail — together.

The Accountant Story
We arrive at the venue to prepare for the group drumming component of the conference. To the surprise of a waitress, we start unloading drum after drum and by the time we get to 50, she asks, “Who is going to play all those drums?”

We say “200 accountants”.
We unpack 200 drums and form a circle of chairs. The delegates are completely unaware that they are about to drum and are now beginning to arrive at the venue for their annual conference. We begin to play our drums announcing that the program is about to commence.
When the accountants enter the room, they are truly surprised. On each seat, is a drum, and as they move through the room and find a seat, the music continues, filling the room and creating an electric atmosphere.

Tentatively, a few brave individuals start beating away on their drums. An enthusiastic person gets carried away with the energy in the room and leaps into the middle of the circle for a quick dance to the wild applause and cheers of the group. The rhythm becomes infectious and soon everybody is tapping on his/her drum.

Then, without saying a word, our facilitator gets up and starts to orchestrate the group with a repertoire of body language signals, bringing the 200 entry-level musicians into perfect harmony. This is the beginning of the magic of the Drum Cafe drum circle…

During the course of an hour, participants are taught simple drumming rhythms through our successful methodology. We alternate drumming performances with interactive sessions to create a magical event where the audience themselves are the orchestra. At the end of the hour, participants are left feeling energized and exhilarated both as individuals and as a group.

Drum Cafe ran a training session for the United Nations in New York. There were many celebrities there including Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban.
Nicole Kidman helped hand out drums.


Drum Cafe perform for George Bush Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell. George Bush was fun and danced some traditional Zulu dance moves with us.

Drum Cafe produced the hit broadway show Drumstruck. This is what Dolly Parton had to say about Drum Cafe’s Drumstruck when we met her on stage in Dollywood.

“I am Dumbstruck for Drumstruck.” Dolly Parton “Wow what energy!”


Drum Cafe teams are the best in the business. The facilitators have had thousands of hours of experience in uniting groups. They perform for hundreds of groups every month. Drum Cafe drummers are the best drummers in the world and can teach your team to play a drum in minutes.

Drum Cafe can turn your team into an orchestra.



“Your team always go the extra mile in understanding and listening to our company culture. Your customized drumming teambuilding never fails to deliver amazing results. You guys rock!”

“Nothing that I have ever participated in 20 years through Chubb has had an impact on me the way that Drum Cafe did”

“We came as individuals, we left as an orchestra.”

“The world’s leaders trust Drum café for team building. Worked with Richard, Branson, Virgin. Bill Clinton, NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Bayern Munich, Nelson Mandela and more…”