Drum Cafe Launches Drum Cafe Virtual

Are you looking for fun things to do on Zoom?
Fun Zoom activities are Drum Cafe’s speciality.
If you are looking for fun meeting ideas? You have found the funnest zoom entertainment.
We are experts on uniting people on Zoom. If you are looking for fun zoom meeting ideas or want to find fund activities for zoom meetings, Drum Cafe can help.
If it is pure zoom entertainment, Drum Cafe is better than a zoom magician or a zoom magic show. Our zoom entertainers are the best in the world and will get everyone smiling and united.

What people had to say about Drum Cafe Virtual

“What Fun. Really lifted the spirits of all the delegates”
“LOVED THE DRUM CAFÉ, perfect 15 minutes for our zoom meeting”
“Wow wow wow!!”
“The experience was out of this world. Thank you for providing world class service”
“I was so blown away by that energy!!”
“A huge thank you for your massive contribution to the success of our clients Kick-Off Meeting. It was the perfect fit for this event!”

Drum Cafe has set up a world class studio to deliver the finest online entertainment.
The studio is based in Johannesburg and is run by long time musician, producer and drum teacher Richard Carter. The studio has the latest sound technology to ensure that the optimal sound is delivered for your next online meeting. Whether it is in Zoom, Microsoft or Google.

There are many options that we can do to make your next zoom meeting fun.
Using your desks, pots or pans, we will get you drumming along together in unison. Our program is fun and entertaining. Your zoom meeting will come alive and the delegates will feel energised. We will teach all the zoom attendees to sing, drum and move together in a fun way.
If you want, we can deliver djembe drums to your employees which they can use to drum along with us during  zoom.
We teach them about the drum, how to play it and within minutes everyone will be drumming along together. We will then collect the drums the next day.
If you want our PREMIUM service then you can purchase the drums, have them branded and give them away at your zoom conference.
They will feel SO SPECIAL to receive such an amazing gift. Imagine how connected everyone will feel playing their own drum together. They will have these drums to remember this special event for ever. There is no better way to connect people on Zoom. This is definitely the funnest thing you can do on zoom.

The team that will guide you through your virtual show are some of the finest drummers and have travelled and performed all over the world.

Mpho Rasenyalo

Born in Soweto Mpho Rasenyalo is the Drum Café’s lead facilitator and has been with Drumstruck since 2005. She is an outstanding all round performer, she is South Africa’s best female djembe player, she has her own marimba band called Basadi and she is also a qualified traditional healer. She has toured with Drumstruck in Japan and China and was a cast member for the year and a half run of Drumstruck on Off-Broadway’s Dodgers Stages now known as New World Stages. Mpho has a unique gift of uniting and leading an audience.

Richard Carter

Richard Carter, known as “Manos de Fuego” or “Malume” (“Uncle”), graduated from the Cape Town University with a BA in Performing Arts in 1979, majoring in Theatre Performance and Fine Art History. He studied Tomashevsky mime in Paris, France and spent many years in Europe working as an actor and dancer. Richard has studied and toured with master drummer Adama Drame and Foliba in the Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso. He has taught percussion extensively and performed with many pop, jazz and African artists. He has collaborated with all of South Africa’s major dance companies and frequently works on the local corporate circuit and as a studio musician. He was a composer and Musical Director of Drumming for the South African hit musical “African Footprint” and works from his own music studio as a producer and composer. He is a founding member of Drumstruck. He has a great love for Latin music and performs regularly as a congasero in a Salsa band. Between tours of Drumstruck he works at Drum Café Johannesburg as a Creative Director and Production manager.

Tumelo Seleke

Tumelo Seleke, Drumstruck’s Dance Captain, is a singer, dancer, actor, choreographer and a drummer! He started dancing at a very young age at the African Theatre and Dance Co. then later moved on to join Africa Umoja to perform professionally as a theatre practitioner. He has performed in over 30 countries all over the world. He has worked with the Drum Café doing the Shebeen Show then grew to become a Drummer in the venture to be a facilitator. He recently stared in the hit musical African Footprint doing a season In Dubai December 2019.