Ghana Royal Drum Set

This is a set of Royal Ghana drums played at Royal functions in Ghana. This set was purchased from Patrick Pobee, lead drummer of Drumstruck and one of the best drummers in the world. He used this set of drums when they performed at major functions in South Africa and Ghana. The wood is Odum (red wood).

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Patrick brought the drums from Ghana in 2003 and played them in his group, Kakaloi productions. Emmanuelle Quay, Michael Dodo and Francis Larte were in this group and are all master drummers. They were made at the Ghana arts centre in 2003. They performed with this set of drums all around South Africa.

Fontomfrom Ensemble is used to communicate royal messages in Ashanti tribal settings, as well as to play some popular rhythms. The energetic poly-rhythms created with these drums can be extremely complex, and is usually very loud given the size and purposes of the drums.

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