Tonga Drums – featured in Umoja

This is a pair of 2 drums, with matching designs that were played at ceremonies.

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This pair of drums were played in the hit show Umoja – Spirit of togetherness. We bought the drums from Maurice Fresco, the producer of the original show and an avid collector of Drums. In the attached pictures you can see this pair of drums on stage being played by the drummer. One of the photos is time stamped to 15/11/1999.

The drums were purchased by Maurice Fresco in 1985 from Norma Chikawore, a well known Zimbabwean merchant. Norma would travel around Zimbabwe and Zambia, collecting the finest drums from villages and bring them to South Africa.

This pair of drums are an incredibly beautiful pair of musicians drums that were used by the Tonga and played at ceremonies. The wood is heavy. Either Mahogany or Teak. The skins have clearly been used for many years with clear markings from years of play. It would be very hard to find such a well preserved pair of drums that have been used by professional musicians of the past. These drums are easily over 70 years old.

Drum 1 : Markings of crosses and shields – could have been influenced by a nearby mission.
Head size: 31cm
Height 112cm

Drum 2 : Zig- Zag pattern
Head Size: 32cm
Height 112cm

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Head Size

31 & 32cm