Venda Drum Ngoma

This is the Ngoma, the largest of the Venda drums. It is the pride of our collection. It has featured numerous times in our hit show Drumstruck and has been played in Japan, South Korea, and the USA. The ngoma is a single – headed, pot shaped drum carved out of one piece of solid wood. The drum has distinctive handles which are ornately carved onto the drum by an expert. The Ngoma is played on a number of occasions, including during girls’ initiation. (Domba) The sound of the drum is similar to thunder, and when beaten it is believed that rain follows within 3 days.

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Warren Lieberman bought the drum from a master drum maker in Venda, Thohoyandou. It is a magnificent drum and has been featured in Drumstruck many times over the years. It featured prominently in Edinburgh where Drumstruck received rave reviews and 5 star ratings. There is an ancient belief that this drum was carried down through Africa from the Holy Land and contains the 10 commandments. This drum is know as the Ngoma Lungundu. There have been books written about the search for this ancient drum.

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